Whole Person Approach

My approach to helping starts with recognizing that your symptoms are a signal that there is a problem. While addressing your symptoms is an important part of care, I work to go beyond just treating and managing your symptoms. I strive to get rid of them completely and keep them from coming back. I do this by identifying and correcting the underlying cause(s), while at the same time addressing the effect- your symptoms.

I recognize the fact that every part of you is interconnected and working together to make you who you are and how you feel. Because every part of you is interconnected, a problem in one area can affect any number of other areas, often in ways we don’t understand. Recognizing this allows me to be more effective at identifying problems that are coming from not so obvious sources.

Additionally, I recognize that a cause of problem may itself have a cause, which in turn may also have a cause, and so on. This approach of digging to find the underlying causes takes time, focus and patience on the part of both of us. This is part of the reason that this approach is not commonly practiced. However, I know that it is this approach that can result in not just ridding you of your symptoms, but of reaching the highest levels of health that you may not even be able to imagine at this point.

Ultimately, your body has the potential and ability to heal and correct most any problem, when it has what it needs and is clear of the factors that impede its optimal function. My job is the help you by identifying and correcting what is impeding you, so you can do what you were designed to do: live, heal and thrive.