I really enjoy helping kids. They are at the beginning of their health journey and their little bodies are just waiting to have obstacles removed so they can thrive! I have seen many miracles using chiropractic and other techniques to help little ones.


No kid is too young for chiropractic care. The tight space of the womb, the decent down the birth canal, or being pulled from the womb during a C-section are often the first ways a child’s spine are stressed and end up with misalignments that can result in many symptoms.

Babies can’t tell you what the problem is, they can only cry, fuss and show other signs. Colic, reflux, rashes, ear infections, difficulties with feeding, and troubles sleeping are all signs that something is off. It is often the spine, as the nervous system becomes stressed when the bones of the spine are out of alignment, leading to pain, discomfort and decreased function. Problems can also be from misaligned cranial bones, inhibited muscles, allergies to food or other things, toxins, or other issues. Most of the issues a baby faces are correctable, and I have tools to help many of these problems.

When working with infants I use gentle techniques to help. Spinal adjustments, cranial work, visceral manipulation, acupressure.

Toddlers and Children

As kids reach toddler age, they start to get around with more ease. But with transitions in mobility comes falls, lots of them. These falls add up, causing a lot of bumps, bruises and spinal misalignments. If left untreated, these misalignments can lead to a host of problems including ear infections, learning difficulties, asthma, digestive problems, as well as other issues. They may even play a part in neurodevelopmental issues like ADD/ADHD and Autism.

I also look at other issues, such as allergies, low level infections, nutrition, stress and other factors that may be affecting their health.

Addressing these issues and removing and correcting interference to the bodies normal function, kids can thrive and live healthy lives.